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The startup studio – the new program for founders

In the startup studio, P-ton accompanies startups throughout the entire lifecycle of the formation of a company and makes them fit for market entry

Press Release: The Startup Studio | P-ton News
The Startup Studio | P‑ton program for founders
Bielefeld, 20. April 2023 – Company builder P-ton AG has launched its program to support startups, the “startup studio”. In four phases, P-ton offers founder support for their startups from seed/pre-seed to market maturity of the first products and services.

Company builders differ from incubators and other players in startup support by their early entry into the startups and the close-meshed support. P-ton AG is no exception and accompanies startups from seed/pre-seed. The startup studio itself consists of four phases: a kick-off call in which both sides get to know each other, followed by an initial workshop in the “Evaluation” phase, in which concrete recommendations for action are already developed. The next phase offers what the name suggests: “Get investor-ready”. Here, the team works intensively on the pitch deck and the formal and content-related requirements that make up a convincing pitch deck, as well as on matchmaking with investors. In the “execution” phase, the startup can make use of all company builder services of P-ton AG, depending on its needs: from legal issues to HR, finance, R&D planning, marketing, and sales activities.

Individual support

The measures are implemented with the permanent team of P-ton AG and the large, international network of experts that the startups can access.

The startups can thus expect tailor-made assistance in founding their company. P-ton CEO Jürgen Hase: “Founding a startup is exciting and a unique experience, at the same time it can be complicated and exhausting. P-ton is a strong partner with whom founders can successfully steer their startup through the founding phase. For example, we help in the area of financing by making the startups visible to investors on various channels and supporting them in finding the right backers. We place the highest value on fairness. We are not looking for short-term success and a quick exit, in fact we think long-term and seek sustainable partnerships. And we are independent, work in strict confidence, and we attach great importance to a good working atmosphere.”

A special feature of the P-ton model

Unlike other company builders, there are no fixed batches, but very individual solutions and starting points, depending on the requirements situation. Flexible and individual support is made possible by a high degree of automation and very well-structured processes. With tools for knowledge management and task tracking and the connection to automation, project and time tracking software, the team of the startup manufactory works highly efficiently.

According to Jakob Hase, co-founder of P-ton AG, automation is in no way at the expense of support quality: “On the contrary. Thanks to the sophisticated software support, we have our heads free for the creative and formal processes involved in setting up a company. The development of a pitch deck that excites investors. The development of go-to-market strategies, budget planning, HR planning, etc. The matchmaking with investors. Working on these topics with the startups is insanely fun for us and we get great feedback from the founders we mentor.”

About P-ton AG

P-ton is a company builder. In our startup studio, we support startup founders in turning their business ideas into successful companies and we develop our own startups, too. The vision of P-ton is to promote social interaction through digitalisation. P-ton therefore focuses on young startups that combine analog experience with a digital world. The team accompanies the entire start-up process and further development with its own network of internal and external experts and mentors. P-ton AG was founded by Jürgen Hase and is based in Bielefeld.

Press release: The Startup Studio | P-ton AG