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Pia Schwalbe

Venture Architect

Vaishali Singh

Director International Business Development and Strategy
Christof Barklage

Christof Barklage

Advisory Board Member
Moritz Schleich

Moritz Schleich

Head of Business, Growth & Start-up Consulting
Patrick Kolacki -

Patrick Kolacki


“It is my vision to give every traveller easy access to local services so that they are supported and connected. Easy as asking a friend.”

Patrick has worked in the luxury hotel industry for many years. He is the founder of, a digital concierge service that increases guest satisfaction and optimizes internal hotel processes.

Dr. Thomas Hornung

Technology & SCM
Meet the team: Enno Borchers | P-ton AG Advisory Board member

Enno Borchers

Advisory Board Member
Meet the team: Laura J. Lederer | P-ton AG co-founder

Laura J. Lederer

Co-Founder P-ton AG
Meet the team: Hussein Sayed - Strategy & Planning | P-ton AG digital transformation

Hussein Sayed

Strategy & Planning
Meet the team: Jörg Koch-Losekamm | P-ton AG stream leader Press2Get

Jörg Koch-Losekamm

Streamleader Press2Get
Meet the team: Ingo Brettel | P-ton AG stream leader Meet2Play

Ingo Brettel

Co-Founder P-ton AG & Streamleader Meet2Play
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