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Patrick Kolacki


“It is my vision to give every traveller easy access to local services so that they are supported and connected. Easy as asking a friend.”

Patrick has worked in the luxury hotel industry for many years. He is the founder of, a digital concierge service that increases guest satisfaction and optimizes internal hotel processes.

Meet the team: Dr. Andreas Vogel | P-ton AG Investor & Advisor

Dr. Andreas Vogel

Investor & Advisor

“Web 3 has the potential to take digitalization to a new quality, specifically for inter-company business processes.”

Andreas is an investor in and an advisor to P-ton. Andreas is a computer scientist by training. He spent 25 years in the Silicon Valley as entrepreneur and executive in start-ups and global enterprises.

Rasmus Vedder

Office Management

Birte Fichter

Project manager

Birte Fichter has degrees in Art History and Architectural Conservation from Vassar College and the University of Edinburgh. Her research involving spherical panoramic photography and advanced digital imaging of monuments sparked an interest in how technology can contribute to a deeper experience of place. This and her background in theatrical design and stage management (as well as a passion for culture, food and travel) come into play at Rodinia, where she produces experiences poised between technology, entertainment, and the arts.

Dr. Thomas Hornung

Technology & SCM
Meet the team: Enno Borchers | P-ton AG Advisory Board member

Enno Borchers

Advisory Board Member
Meet the team: Laura J. Lederer | P-ton AG co-founder

Laura J. Lederer

Co-Founder P-ton AG

Agnes Lukasik

Meet the team: Marion Baumann | Head of MarCom P-ton AG

Marion Baumann

Meet the team: Hussein Sayed - Strategy & Planning | P-ton AG digital transformation

Hussein Sayed

Strategy & Planning
Meet the team: Jörg Koch-Losekamm | P-ton AG stream leader Press2Get

Jörg Koch-Losekamm

Streamleader Press2Get
Meet our seasoned experts: Dennis Hollmann | P-ton AG Supervisory Board Member

Dennis Hollmann

Supervisory Board Member