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The revolution of the out-of-home experience

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discover Rodinia

A completely new entertainment, culture, and gastronomy concept

The goal is to build a variety of locations worldwide where guests have the impression of travelling to another country. It is a revolutionary combination of cinema, gastronomy and travel, under the motto “A journey to the world and beyond”, a multi-sensory journey to foreign countries and cultures. It’s a overall experience that appeals to all five senses.

It will feature a new, unique out-of-home experience, as it will host the largest 360° LED surface in the world, in combination with specially developed 360° film technology (partner: Samsung). This setting is the base for a rotating program of immersive shows.

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Socialise digitalisation

Why are we investing?

We believe that Rodinia addresses an untapped market segment with a lot of potential. Although it is not a classic venture capital investment, the business case shows very stable and reliable growth. This makes it an attractive long-term investment for the P‑ton, our partners and subsidiaries.

Synergies within the P‑ton group can help enable rapid expansion and market fit. Rodinia can use our own beacon technology for the digital tracking of customer flow to enhance the unique experiential journey. Our partner Ticktory will be able to provide a blockchain-based ticketing system.

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“The Rodinia concept is a great fit in our concept of socialising digitalisation. My goal is that people from all over the world can experience a memorable evening. Guests should not remember the biggest LED screen or any of the other innovative technology, they should walk away with the memory of all their senses satisfied.”

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG

Event gastronomy

Why should you invest?

Rodinia follows the global mega-trend of making an event of gastronomy – it will be the next big thing in the arena.

Rodinia offers enormous growth potential because it is highly scalable: through the standardised design, rotating shows, house-in-house architecture and state-of-the-art system gastronomy principles with maximum standardisation. A franchise system is in preparation.

With its novelty and uniqueness, Stay2Discover is an innovation leader and first mover with Rodinia. This opens up untapped potential for investors. The position as the innovation and market leader is secured for a longer period of time, because the market entry level for potential competitors is high.

The design of the location enables a variety of different use cases for B2C and B2B customers, with positive effects on the business case.

Strong partners and leading experts support this completely new experience concept.


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