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P-Ton Startup Studio

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P-ton Home Startup Studio
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partner in the startup phase

The startup studio is the company builder program of P‑ton AG. In four phases, we offer in-depth support in the process of founding a company, with all its tasks and challenges. We always keep a close eye on the requirements of the startups and offer you the kind of service you need at the time. Because the startup studio does not have a fixed framework, but offers individual packages to help you move forward with your business. All this on a share basis, against cash or in a mix model, depending on your investment situation. And as the entrepreneur, you are always in control.


Together we see how we can support you the best way here and now.


We work with tools and apps that guide you through the startup process in a structured way.


Our inhouse experts and the specialists from our network are professionals and there for you.
Profit from us

Your benefits

Founding a startup is exciting and a unique experience, at the same time it can be complicated and exhausting. P‑ton is a strong partner with whom you can successfully navigate your startup through the founding phase.


We work with you to create a convincing pitch deck, make you visible to investors on various channels, and help you find the right investors.


We support you with advice and assistance in the areas of contacts/networking, innovation, investments, legal, operations, scaling, marketing and technology - depending on what your startup needs at the moment.


We are not looking for short-term success and a quick exit. We think long-term and we are looking for sustainable partnerships. We are independent, work strictly confidential and we attach great importance to a good working atmosphere.
Startup Studio levels

Success in four phases

The four phases are timed to work together, but you and your team can also book them independently. With us, there are no fixed batches and throughput times. The phase model gives you the opportunity to get a feel for how we work and what you can expect from P‑ton during the actual company building phase. This also works the other way around, so that we can make sure that we are a good fit for each other. If this is the case, the P‑ton startup studio is a win-win situation for all parties involved and you can get your business started together with us.


Meeting each other: you present your idea and we present ourselves.


The workshop: we go into depth and give you advice and action.


The material: a pitch deck for investors.


The mission. we advise you and your team from HR to scaling.

Phase I


In the kick-off phase, we get to know each other in an initial intro call. You tell us about your business idea and we talk about the needs you see for your start-up. Of course, you can also ask us any questions you have in the run-up to the call.

The call is scheduled for half an hour and serves to give us a first impression of each other and to find a good basis for determining the way forward. Book your appointment for the kick-off via Calendly now! We would also like to point out that at the end of the appointment booking you will have the opportunity to record a video of yourself in which you can present your idea to us in more detail.

We look forward to meeting you and getting started together!

Phase II


In the next phase, we hold a two-to-three-hour workshop together. We take a closer look at your business model and challenge you in the process. Afterwards, we develop constructive feedback in an internal round and give you direct recommendations for action.

We do not see ourselves as uninvolved strategy consultants, we would like to help you “hands-on” in a very practical way. Part of this level is also feedback from the international network, which we also bring on board during the evaluation phase.

Phase III


Creating a pitch deck that you can use to thrill investors is not a task you do by the way. There are formal and substantive requirements that must be fulfilled. The business idea, the story, the market situation, the go-to-market strategy, the financing, the development planning for hardware and software, all this and more must be presented in a well-founded, conclusive and understandable way.

As a result, all the necessary documents for a data room are available. We offer you then a platform to present your business idea to the investing community through our website and through our communication channels like LinkedIn. Of course, we also help you find the right investors through our contacts. This can include concrete networking with investors, but also accompanying the negotiations.

Phase IV


In the execution phase, all our sectors of expertise come into play: from legal to HR and R&D to marketing and scaling. The P‑ton core team and the experts from our large international network support and advise you and your team in our Company Builder Services.

Once you have successfully placed your company on the market, we will be happy to stay by your side. Maybe you would like to join our network and help other founders to be successful? We would be happy to stay connected!

We are open for new things

The startup studio team is ready to answer your questions

Let us know if you want to learn more about the startup studio or join us! Just fill out the contact form below and your contact person will get back to you.

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