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ProjectTicktoryStartedNov 2020Head of StreamJakob
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Blockchain-based ticket platform

Discover Ticktory – your secure digital ticket that offers a new world of possibilities.

Ticket providers have missed the leap to secure digitized tickets. Current ticketing solutions have an outdated business model and can not deliver valid market figures. First blockchain solutions struggle with a lack of low-threshold access to blockchain. Ticktory is solving this problem by offering:

  • A safe platform that allows users to buy personalized secure tickets
  • A transparent platform that also allows artists to participate in resales
  • Traceable tickets that allow precise market insights & add-on content

The customer is able to buy a ticket on the first or second market that he/she knows is 100% real. He/she also receives access to additional content that matches the booked ticket and offers exclusive insights. 

Artists and event agencies get insights into the first, second and even third market data. They can also provide additional content like an after movie or exclusive insights like a backstage interview. Artist and agencies benefit the most in participating with each sale or resale of their tickets in the first and second market – and it’s all completely automatic.

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