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ProjectPress2GetStartedJune 2019Head of StreamJörg Koch-Losekamm, Oliver Pannke
P-ton Home Portfolio Press2Get

IoT-based beacon platform

One platform, multiple impulses and endless actions.

Press2Get is developing an IoT platform combined with Beacon Buttons that offers automatisms for multiple use cases. It opens up a multitude of possibilities and brings simplified digitization into the lives of end customers and companies.

2GuideU Logo - Press2Get platform | P-ton AG venture


1x impulse and I get value added information about my location

2GuardU Logo - Press2Get platform | P-ton AG venture


1x impulse and an emergency signal goes to pre-defined family and friends

1ClickCare Logo - Press2Get platform | P-ton AG venture


1x impulse and I know my elderly father needs support at home

Press2Get | P-ton AG | A Company Builder with a purpose