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The board game revolution

Everyone who enjoys board games knows the situation: It’s Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, time to meet with friends and family to play together. But why do we actually play board games?

For us as a team it is very clear: We want to experience shared adventures and stories, we look forward to spending time together with our children and help them learn, or let’s be honest – sometimes it’s about the competition to beat everyone else at the table.

This attraction of the classic board game has driven us to transfer the whole concept into the digital world.

Why? Children grow up used to digital games, while parents are increasingly trying to encourage more analogue experiences.

We aim to offer both sides all the advantages:We want to create a hybrid world in which the advantages of the analogue and digital worlds are combined.

Thanks to our unique display tiles, you can enjoy exciting animations while playing and at the same time have the full haptic experience of dice and pawns. And the best part? Everyone plays on one central board and interacts with each other.

The digitization of boards games enables even more benefits: From now on we can save games, character pawns can track progress and successes, and if we want to change the game after a few rounds, we can adapt digitally without an annoying assembly process.

Portfolio Meet2Play - AVAs cube | P-ton AG venture
Portfolio Meet2Play - AVAs small console in a cube | P-ton AG venture

One small console that is a flexible multi game enabler.

The cube is your portal that brings AVA to life. The console gives the gamer access to an abundant library of games at all times.

Connect multiple combinable digital display tiles to the cube to create your own game world.

You can create any board size that is needed for your game.

Portfolio Meet2Play - AVAs physical & touchable game elements | P-ton AG venture

When it comes to playing boardgames the haptic experience is one of the most important properties.

That is why we are going to create physical and touchable game elements to complete a real life experience embedded in a digital world.

We offer the console, but you are the professionals.

A good gaming community cannot do without its gamers and game developers. For this reason we are creating an ecosystem for you to develop and network.

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