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The P-ton AG foundation

We firmly believe that empowering people is indispensable to forming a fairer society with happy individuals feeling part of a broader community.

Donate2Aid is the foundation of P‑ton AG that is currently being established. With Donate2Aid, we share the success of our products. The purpose of the foundation will be to support up to 10 social projects per year both financially and through personal commitment.

P-ton AG will donate a fixed percentage of the turnover of each of the company’s products to the future foundation. The purchaser of the products can personally decide which social project this “donation share” should be allocated to when purchasing a product. Maximum transparency and individual traceability are the basis for the implementation of the social projects in the Donate2Aid foundation.

We are driven by the fact that people come together. Therefore, we support projects all over the world that connect people and aim to strengthen capabilities, abilities, human interaction, and social skills.

ProjectDonate2AidStartedJune 2019Head of StreamSarah Dieckbreder-Vedder, Jürgen Hase
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