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ProjectLead2GoldStartedSep 2020Head of StreamFrank Dieckbreder, Jürgen Hase
P-ton Home Portfolio Create2Entertain

Series format

With the Lead2Gold project, P‑ton AG is developing a series format together with partners, which will ideally be offered on renowned and popular streaming portals.

Generational conflicts occupy us all, but how do we master them? With Lead2Gold, P‑ton AG is in the middle of the cinematic realization of this topic. Based on a true story, Lead2Gold depicts the gripping con story of a flat-sharing community from Hanover, which masters a breath-taking journey around the world with cunning and will.

Two generations, one book-loving, a record fan and a simple filter coffee drinker, the other so digitized that a laptop is enough. This combination lives together in a shared flat more badly than well. Hunger, poverty, and frustration are the commonalities in their otherwise very different lives. But then they find a way to turn lead into gold. Alchemy in the 21st century is simple and straightforward. The world opens up all at once and is conquered. Wealth now defines their lives. Dreams are fulfilled until one day the truth comes to light and brings all participants back down to earth.

Lead2Gold promises a cross-generational and global journey that simply must be experienced.

Digitalisation becomes Reality

In the very real city of Hanover, a diverse bunch of friends are sharing a city flat and live their real stories together that span from analogue life to digital existence.
The story spins around how digitalisation arrives at the very core of society and asks an important question: must everything be digital and does digitalisation matter more than the core values of the fading analogue live we know from the past. This changing world makes them explore globalisation and return to a thing they call home – even if changed.
Spiced with the bare truth, imagination and possibilities, this constant comic dialogue between the protagonists is wrapped around the core story of friendship, adventure, fate, and pure luck.  

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