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A magic 360° discovery with a culinary journey

 “A place, where the whole world comes to you” is the motto of this totally novel event experience.


The board game revolution

We create a hybrid world in which the advantages of the analogue and digital worlds of gaming are combined.


Series format

Together with partners, we are developing a series format which will ideally be offered on renowned and popular streaming portals.

IoT-based beacon platform

Press2Get is an IoT platform combined with beacon buttons that offers automations for multiple use cases.

Blockchain-based ticketing platform

Ticktory is a secure digital ticketing platform that offers a new world of possibilities.

The P-ton foundation

We share the success of our ventures by donating a fixed percentage of the turnover to the foundation.

Digital art frame

Flexible state-of-the-art artworks for your home or office
Ventures builder

Overview of our ventures