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IoT-based beacon platform

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Press2Get Flagship venture

Instant, precise, tailored, and reliable interaction and communication for businesses and end customers

Press2Get is an innovative and comprehensive IoT solution based on beacon technology and app-based SaaS. The overarching goal of this solution is to extend efficient innovative digital transformation to physical venues.

On the one hand, Press2Get addresses shops, malls, museums or airports. On the other, it’s designed to empower users to support each other in emergency situations. Both applications are based on the same IoT platform developed by Press2Get

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Why are we investing?

Press2Get currently goes for two applications: 2GuideU tackles the businesses’ ongoing endeavour of reaching the best products and services formula offered within their physical venues. Businesses aspire to introduce the best possible value and to attain an ongoing competitive edge, while securing their profitability. Customers expect to have the best value for their money and to be treated relevantly and uniquely within their visits to the businesses’ venues. 2GuideU comprises beacon technology hardware, hardware installation and support, a cloud management platform with tailored modules and commercial guidance and management

The other application is 2GuardU, designed to empower users to support each other in emergency situations via a batch of affordable, attractive wearable buttons with customizable one-touch uses and a corresponding app. It acts as the instant and reliable emergency button. 2GuardU features fashionable and reliable wearable beacon technology and the Bluetooth connected 2GuardU app.

For both applications, we see a vast market in a society that is getting a) more demanding for personal service and b) is growing older.

Insides Venture

“Using IoT for digital end user services has been on the mind of the P-ton founders from early on. The Internet of Things offers endless possibilities for value-added products and services.”

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG


Why should you invest?

The underlying technology of 2GuideU and 2GuardU, the Press2Get IoT platform, is highly adaptable and scalable in many markets. We have identified both applications as a springboard into a highly promising market and a proof of concept for all other use cases. Despite the presence of different solutions providers, the uncharted opportunity is still massive and existing solutions mostly lack being dynamic to the market needs and changes. With the ecosystem and expert knowledge, Press2Get will be able to fulfil these needs.


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