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IoT-based beacon platform

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Press2Get Flagship product

The multi-billion-dollar wearables industry

The wearables industry is growing rapidly, and it’s expected to continue growing exponentially in the foreseen future.

2GuardU is the flagship product of P‑ton venture Press2Get. They are wearables and buttons that can be worn or placed in any location and connected to the 2GuardU application. By pressing on the wearable / button, a message with vital information is automatically transmitted to a designated list of emergency contacts. 2GuardU is based on an IoT platform combined with beacon buttons developed by Press2Get.

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Socialise digitalisation

Why are we investing?

As we are socialising digitalisation, we ask ourselves, how can we use wearable technology to save lives and bring people together? The result is 2GuardU.

We have all witnessed situations in which safety or health were jeopardized. A second makes the difference between life and death, risk and security in those situations.

The applications derived from the base idea are numerous and vital. You can take care of your parents and ensure that they are supported if they have any health challenges. You will always feel secure while walking alone at night. You won’t worry about your friends and family going for a hike or an adventure anywhere.

Our dependency on connected devices is growing around the clock. Connected devices proved to be convenient and immediate. In the case of an emergency, we won’t have sufficient time to unlock our phones, search through the apps, to call or text an emergency. Connected wearables/buttons can save all of this hassle.

Insides Venture

“The technology provides security for friends and family. You won’t worry when they are going for a hike or an adventure somewhere or about your elderly parents living alone at home.”

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG


Why should you invest?

The underlying technology of 2GuardU, the Press2Get IoT platform, is highly adaptable and scalable in many markets. We have identified wearables as a springboard into a highly promising market and a proof of concept for all other use cases. 2GuardU addresses a real need and will contribute to making people's lives better.


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