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Our strategy has proven itself

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Every company has its own individual DNA, which shapes the company at all levels. P‑ton’s DNA is characterised by innovation, diversity, speed and a distinct motivation of each individual to achieve the set goals together. An essential building block here is also the provision of financial resources for the evolution of our P-ton ideas.

As P-ton AG, we have managed in a very short time to sustainably inspire many people for our ideas in such a way that they directly support us with their labour or financial means. The result of this team is an outstanding performance in 2021 as well as the sale of all 50,000 shares from the first lot.

Due to the great demand as well as the desire of many previous as well as new investors to acquire further shares of P‑ton AG, we have released another batch of shares to be freely acquired at the end of 2021. More than 80% of these shares have already been allocated within the last 4 weeks. This trust in P‑ton AG motivates every single employee and it shows that a clearly described vision – the vision of P‑ton AG – releases undreamt-of forces to jointly develop and market new innovative products and services.

If you would like to become part of this community, please contact Juergen.Hase @ p‑ directly. We are looking forward to new active members in our team.

About Author

Meet the team: Jürgen Hase | P-ton AG management board member

Jürgen Hase

Founder and CEO

“The energy we create from working with this set of people that share the P-ton vision is amazing. And this is how it works every single day.”

Jürgen Hase serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board at P-ton. Jürgen combines extensive expertise in the field of telecommunications and the Internet of Things with many years of national and international professional experience.

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