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Enriching religious ceremony through digital music with opus musici

P-ton supports the start-up "opus musici" in scaling its system for digitising organ music

Press release: new venture opus musici | P-ton News
Tablet app for digital organ music | opus musici & P-ton AG
Bielefeld, 01.12.2022 – The startup “opus musici” has developed a solution for the digital provision of church music. In cooperation with P‑ton AG, the Bavarian startup is expanding its market outside southern Germany. The company builder supports opus musici with know-how and resources in marketing and sales.

Church services and other church ceremonies are still an important part of social life for many. But what are weddings, baptisms, funerals or other services without music? Fewer and fewer trained organists can be found to provide musical accompaniment. The Rosenheim start-up “opus musici” counters the lack of young musicians with an easy-to-use system that digitises church music. The musical result is hardly distinguishable from “real” organ music.

The digital organ music market

“opus musici is a perfect fit for P‑ton,” says Jürgen Hase, CEO of P‑ton AG. “We want to create inspiring analogue experiences through the possibilities of digitalisation. That’s exactly what the opus musici music system does.” Jürgen Hase is convinced of the market potential: “Churchgoers are becoming fewer, let’s not fool ourselves about that. But the faithful who attend church services want to be emotionally involved musically,” explains Jürgen Hase. “So the market for a system that makes church music possible anywhere and anytime is large. For it is not only services in the nave where music can play. It’s also funerals, which often don’t take place in churches. Or masses in hospitals, retirement homes, kindergartens or even in prisons, where live music is even more rarely possible. Plus, the high demand for musicians for services outside Sundays and holidays cannot currently be met. That’s why we see – despite the startup’s niche appearance – a high market potential for a system that is technically mature and already very successfully in use.”

P-ton AG supports opus musici in scaling the venture. “Our know-how in go-to-market, marketing and sales perfectly complements opus musici’s previous activities,” says Jürgen Hase. “And of course our large network comes into play here again, opening the right doors for us. And we get enthusiastic feedback from our network on the possibilities of the opus musici system.”

User-friendly system for church music

The system is as simple as it is effective: a powerful Bluetooth speaker connects fully automatically to a tablet on which the celebrant can easily queue music for mass. Then all it takes is the push of a button and opus musici floods the nave with the sound of a live organ.

Founder Josef Aschenbacher is himself an organist and therefore had very personal motives for developing opus musici. He knows first-hand about the lack of young musicians: “I want people to experience why we make music in church again. Then they will no longer question whether organs should be renovated or young people should study church music. After all, radio has not replaced the pop star – it has brought him wages and bread. That’s why I’m happy about the cooperation with P‑ton, which helps us bring opus musici to a wider audience and use it to enrich many more services”.

About P-ton AG

P-ton is a company builder that founds and finances startups. P‑ton’s vision is to promote social interaction through digitalisation. P‑ton therefore focuses on young startups that combine analogue experience with a digital world. In addition to founding its own startups, P‑ton supports other founders in turning their ideas into profitable companies. The team, with its own network of internal and external experts and mentors, accompanies the entire founding process and further development. P‑ton AG was founded by Jürgen Hase and is based in Bielefeld.

Press release: opus musici - new start up | P-ton AG