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Organ music digitisation system

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Organ music at the touch of a button: digital and yet with real sound power

Organ music has accompanied church services and other religious occasions for centuries. For many, it is a faithful companion that conveys security through consistency. The problem: there are fewer and fewer organists available. With opus musici, organ music is possible anytime and anywhere with a secure future.

The opus musici system is as simple as it is effective: a loudspeaker connects fully automatically to a tablet containing all the relevant songs from the Catholic and Protestant hymnals, recorded in a professional sound studio. With the tablet, the pastor can prepare a mass in an uncomplicated and user-friendly way. Then, at the touch of a button, opus musici floods the nave with perfect organ sound.

Key facts


opus musici


Torben Stallmann



Founder's note

"I want people to experience again why we make music in church. Then they will no longer question whether organs should be renovated or young people should study church music. After all, radio didn't replace the pop star either - it put him on the payroll."

Josef Aschbacher

Founder opus musici

opus musici
Make digitisation audible

Why are we investing?

The market for a system that makes church music possible anytime and anywhere is large. Because it is not only services in the nave where the music should play – it’s also funerals, which often don’t take place in churches, or masses in hospitals, retirement homes, kindergartens, or even in prisons, where live music is even more rarely possible. Plus, the high demand for musicians for services outside Sundays and holidays cannot currently be met.
Insights Venture

"opus musici is a perfect fit for P-ton. We want to create wonderful analogue experiences through the possibilities of digitalisation. That's exactly what opus musici's music system does."

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG

Countering the shortage of young talent

Why should you invest?

Even with declining numbers of visitors at sacred celebrations, churchgoers want to be emotionally involved musically. For churches, making this possible is vital. With opus musici, churches and other charitable institutions can ensure their music a secure future.


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