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New venture

P-ton supports the digital concierge service in company building

Press release: new venture | P-ton News
Patrick Kolacki & Jürgen Hase | & P-ton AG
Bielefeld, 13.11.2022 – Company builder P‑ton welcomes as a new venture in its portfolio. P‑ton AG supports startups that create analog added value through digitalization. is a digital concierge service that offers travelers exactly this added value: The app gives hotel guests easy access to a network of experienced concierges and helps them experience their destination “like a local”.

The Bielefeld-based company builder launches “digiloge” startups that function both digitally and socially. The new venture fits exactly into this spectrum. The digital concierge service is an app through which travelers can find a competent, local contact person. Guests can speak via text message or video call with a local expert who, in addition to his or her own experience, can draw on a network of partners. Requests can be varied: restaurant bookings or hairdresser appointments, a limousine ride or suggestions for leisure activities, a coveted watch as a birthday gift, or simply breakfast times. P‑ton supports the founder, Patrick Kolacki, with the creation of a business plan and pitch deck, with contacts and with marketing services.

The digital live concierge market

“The tourism industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy worldwide,” says Jürgen Hase, CEO of P‑ton AG. “Hotels compete with each other for the best service, and the high-price market in particular is flourishing. Entering a digital solution, is still unrivaled and offers a whole new way to deliver service through partial automation and exclusivity. also has potential for other industries, because quality and service promise are universal. That’s why we see great, international potential for success.”

Partnership at eye level

“It was clear to me that I would have to rely on outside experience and help if I wanted to pursue my goals and thus implement my venture,” says Patrick Kolacki, founder of Patrick Kolacki is a trained concierge. As a former Les Clefs d’Or hotel concierge, he knows exactly what is required, and the high demand for digital solutions. Now he has found support at P‑ton to implement his business idea: “In my first conversation with the team at P‑ton AG, it was clear that there is a different mentality here with founder courses or other company builders. At P‑ton it’s called: Hands-on! I benefit from your experience and appreciate the partnership, which takes place completely at eye level.”

About P-ton AG

P-ton is a company builder that founds and finances startups. P‑ton’s vision is to promote social interaction through digitalisation. P‑ton therefore focuses on young startups that combine analogue experience with a digital world. In addition to founding its own startups, P‑ton supports other founders in turning their ideas into profitable companies. The team, with its own network of internal and external experts and mentors, accompanies the entire founding process and further development. P‑ton AG was founded by Jürgen Hase and is based in Bielefeld.

Press release: - new venture | P-ton AG