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The new Press2Get Advisory Board

Another P-ton venture is picking up speed: We are proud to announce the new Press2Get Advisory Board

Meet the team: Press2Get Advisory Board | P-ton AG Venture
Jörg Koch-Losekamm, Pavan Govindan and Per Uppström
Bielefeld, 30.06.2022 – With the goal of socialising digitalisation, we keep asking ourselves, how can we create a proposition within the wearable technology that can save lives and bring people together? The answers comes from P-ton venture Press2Get.

Press2Get designs, develops and markets new, innovative products and services for end customers, based on IoT technologies – wearables that provide security for friends and family.

We are very happy to have the Advisory Board Members join the Press2Get team. Welcome on board! These new advisory board members will supplement the operating team and actively support its activities with their expert knowledge:

Jörg Koch-Losekamm

Jörg lives in Germany and has more than 25 years executive positions in different industries, including the telco market around the world. For him, leadership and management mean to take responsibility, inspire the team, be honest to yourself and lead by values.

Per Uppström

Per lives in Sweden and is active as a Certified Board Member, Advisor, Consultant and Interim Manager. Per has many years of experience in the field of international/global B2B Sales, Sales Management and Sales Development. IoT, Digitalisation & Mobility is are innovation and future drivers for him. He has more than 14 years of experience in IoT around the world, not only in explaining how it works, but also making it happen.

Pavan Govindan

Pavan is based in India. His experience is in the digital technology area, being in Global Automotive Digital Venture and as Startup Board Member/Advisor and MIT Sloan Bootcamper. He is an innovator and supports impact driven initiatives.

About P-ton AG

P-ton is a company builder that focuses on the digital transformation of social activities. Our goal is the profitable translation of technology into society. We collaborate with inventors, entrepreneurs, venture capitals and other investors to bring promising inventions to light and to transform them into profitable businesses. As a company builder, we enable inventors and entrepreneurs along all stages of building a business. P‑ton AG plays the role of matchmaker, bringing together the start-ups with experts and investors. It also weighs in its own capabilities, supporting the start-ups in developing highly scalable digital products and services that will last in the global market.

PR: The new Press2Get Advisory Board | P-ton AG