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P-ton networking

Story of the month

The source

After my dear colleague Torben reported about the P-phenomenon, it immediately came to my mind that this phenomenon has a very special past respectively its own source. This essential core of the P‑ton AG is namely the network or networking.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Not everyone can do it, but P‑ton has! How else could it have grown, reached and become so well known in recent years? Even I, who comes from Munich, who doesn’t know Bielefeld or even thought Bielefeld didn’t exist, was amazed at what a permanent player P‑ton has become in Bielefeld and “the Outback” alongside Oetker, Miele, Founders Foundation & Co..

The basics of networking

The secret of success is a good liver and a stable stomach in Bavarian, “a guada Saumagen”. Not only at workshops and meetings, no, also at evening events the one or other “drölfte” beer – paired with the finest snacks such as chips, fries red and white or finger food, which can hardly form the basis – is the recipe for success to get into deep, informative conversations with start-ups, local authorities or investors.

Alongside the liver and the “Saumagen”, the P‑ton DNA or almost virus is the third ingredient in the recipe for success. With every conversation, the P‑ton DNA is introduced into the conversation partner and he/she voluntarily involuntarily advances to a P-toneer.

Network expanded, reach created & awareness increased

I have been on the road as an “event uncle” for 14 years, have been involved in or organised many hundreds of events and have greatly expanded my network over the years. With P‑ton, I have now come across a company and, above all, a team that shares my passion and joy for networking. Therefore, I am happy to spread the secret of success and the DNA of P‑ton in my network.

P.S. Every now and then there may also be idle time on an evening, but the “drölfte” beer must never be missing!

About the Author

Moritz Schleich
Moritz Schleich

Moritz is our Head of Business, Growth & Start-up Consulting and he looks after the startups in the P-ton Startup-Manufaktur. As a founder, investor, networker and philanthropist, he has a very clear eye on the teams behind the ideas. Thus, he always finds the right starting point to advance the startups and to accompany them constructively.

SOTM: Networking à la carte - by Moritz Schleich | P-ton AG