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My way from the 5* hotel business to P-ton

P-ton on tour

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Concierge as profession

The job of a concierge in the 5* hotel industry brings some exciting experiences. From tea time invitations from Arab royal families to helping renowned artists. It’s mostly learning about cultures and people through new challenges every day. My personality has grown from these experiences. Likewise, I have unconsciously prepared myself with a certain eye for my environment and with foresight for the tasks and goals that I have set for myself and that I am pursuing with my startup.

Patrick Kolacki
But let’s start from the beginning…

During a difficult time that had a strong impact on the hotel industry, I quickly realized that I wanted to have a conscious influence. I wanted to have a conscious influence on how we travel in the future and how we use services on our journeys, in our short-term coexistence in foreign places. In short, how can I make it easier for people to travel, connect them on the ground, and bring them together so that they can trust and support each other?

The idea behind

This is why I came up with the idea for, the digital concierge service for hotels. A service that creates modern and contemporary access to local contacts and service providers and that focuses on people. The traveler who is looking for orientation, the hotel employee who needs support, the concierge who knows his city inside out, or the young restaurant operator who is happy about every guest. With the digital concierge service, these people have access to a platform where they can help each other and create their own experiences.

With the help of my network in Düsseldorf, I started developing and distributing such a product a year ago. My experience in the hotel industry helped me to support it digitally and find the first pilot customers.

The synergy with P-ton

When I moved to Bielefeld – together with my girlfriend, who also works in a Bielefeld startup – I quickly made connections in the strong Bielefeld startup scene. It was clear to me that I would need experience and help from outside if I wanted to pursue my goals and thus implement my venture.

In my first conversation with Jürgen, Jakob and Torben from P‑ton AG, it was immediately clear to me that there is a completely different mentality and approach here than in courses or other company builders. At P‑ton it is called: Hands-on! Their approach of seeing the founder as the person he really is, with his motivation, his motives and his personality, is also important to me in our partnership. In addition, Jürgen always knows how to order exactly the right pizzas to the office!

I am excited to be a new member of this community and look forward to the journey we are on together.

About the author

Patrick Kolacki -

Patrick Kolacki


“It is my vision to give every traveller easy access to local services so that they are supported and connected. Easy as asking a friend.”

Patrick has worked in the luxury hotel industry for many years. He is the founder of, a digital concierge service that increases guest satisfaction and optimizes internal hotel processes.

My way from the 5* hotel industry to P-ton | P-ton AG