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The next generation of board games

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Meet2Play is developing a hybrid board gaming console for families with a platform that offers an ecosystem for developers and publishers

The goal is to turn the niche market of tabletop gaming into a mass market for everyone.

This attraction of classic board games is shared adventures and stories, spending time together and the desire to compete and win.

The AVA team transfers this concept into the digital world, without losing the magic of the real world. Why? Children grow up used to digital games, while parents are increasingly trying to encourage analogue experiences.

We aim to offer both sides all the advantages, by creating a hybrid world in which the advantages of the analogue and digital worlds are combined.

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Why are we investing?

The combination of getting together and family with tech and innovation is a core principle at P‑ton. We see the potential for Meet2Play to reach a very large market and also change the way people socialise when playing board games.
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“Ava brings people of all generations together using technology and that is exactly my personal belief for future success.”

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG

Market with potential

Why should you invest?

We believe that AVA addresses an untapped market segment with a lot of potential.

With a worldwide market of 17B $ in all types of board games (2020) and an expected market volume of 81B$ in the console market worldwide (2022), AVA exactly hits the sweet spot between two different worlds. Building hardware as a market enabler to establish a platform for digital games (and digital creators) provides Meet2Play a SOM of 700M$, making it attractive for our partners and future investors.


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