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We give you the means to be successful

P-ton is a company builder. We support inventors and start-up founders to transform their ideas into profitable businesses. We support the whole life-cycle of starting your business: from finding the right investors to providing all the expertise and contacts a start-up needs through our network of internal and external experts.


Close cooperation and an early entry into ventures accounts for the high quality of our support.


Our highly skilled experts and partners are ready to share their expertise and their contacts.


Our support is exceptional: 360° and highly differentiated - with the entrepreneur in the driver’s seat.
Entrepreneurs: the typical phases on the way to success | P-ton venture building

Making business ideas thrive

Venture Building

Making business ideas thrive

A start-up’s way to success has its ups and downs. All along the line, we are at the entrepreneur’s side: with an initial team, an elevated skill set, strategic direction and capital.

We enter ventures early and build close partnerships with entrepreneurs. Initially, we are deeply involved in the day-to-day operations and strategic decisions of the new business – but the entrepreneur is always in the driver’s seat.

Expect the best from us

The P-ton experts are a network of highly skilled, experienced and seasoned leaders. They are located almost all over the world. All of them are ready to give you insights into international markets. They provide valuable contacts and, of course, mentoring and advice.

We are in permanent contact with a wide range of investors – so we can approach the right investors for you, together with you. The investors in our portfolio vary from private investors and business angels to venture capital. Let us find the best investment partner to bring your ideas to life.

Integrity is not just a word for us. Your thoughts are safe with us – we’ll write an NDA before we even hear your first business idea. Simply come and talk to us and let’s explore the ideas together. We are opportunistic in a good way: easy to get in touch with and excited to consider every idea.
We give you the tools and skills you need to be successful. Our P‑ton experts are mentors, advisors, and supporters – and also fun to work with! They are a shoulder to cry on when you need it, too, but their highest goal is to help you make your venture successful.
Ready to help you!
All over the world!

Our capabilities

The P-ton resources are manyfold, be it internal or external. At the core is our network, giving the entrepreneurs access to highly experienced partners and experts.


Access to best-in-class globally acting partners and experts


Access to global innovation


Access to any type of investors


Operational support for daily business and processes


Access to expert knowledge and a long-term-success mindset


Access to advanced go-to-market tools and expert knowledge


Access to best-in-class technology including R&D power
We think long-term

Sustainability in everything we do.

Digital innovation must be deployable in the long run. This is the base for profitable growth.

Long-term growth

Our start-ups are no one-hit wonders. They are businesses focused on long-term growth.

Economic efficiency

Return-on-investment is the goal. Mentoring, innovation and calculated risk are key parts of our process.


We value our are independence from other industry players. This allows us to follow only our own purpose.