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Enno Borchers joins P‑ton advisory board

The ICT expert brings extensive experience in the field of digital innovations

Enno Borchers | P‑ton advisory board member
Enno Borchers | P‑ton advisory board member
Bielefeld, 18.02.2022 – Enno Borchers, 54, joins the company builder P‑ton AG’s advisory board. He will contribute to the success of P‑ton and its ventures with his knowledge about how digital innovations impact businesses and consumers. P‑ton will also profit from his large professional network in the digitalisation and IT/telecoms ecosystem.

Connected to the company builder P‑ton AG through long-standing relationships with the management, Enno Borchers is now becoming an official part of the P‑ton family. As a member of the advisory board, he sees his role specifically in the ICT environment. “P‑ton works as an incubator for innovations with long term support for growing start-ups. I’m convinced of the power and the professionalism in developing innovations to market maturity. The P‑ton team mix of “old hands” and “young guns”, experience combined with enthusiasm and excitement, is very promising.”

Jürgen Hase, CEO of the P‑ton AG, states: “Enno is a curious about the impact of digital innovations on businesses and consumers. He fits very well into P‑ton because he’s driven by the idea that humans should be in the centre of the transformation processes enabled by technology. He’s a strong advocate of focusing on user experience and user benefits in technology. This is perfectly aligned with the experiences the P‑ton ventures aim at creating, enabled by technology.”

Enno Borchers vita

Enno Borchers works as Industry Partner in the Deutsche Telekom Group in Client Consulting, where he focuses on digitalisation of the automotive and manufacturing industry. He is also ambassador for EU cloud project Gaia-X. Before joining Deutsche Telekom, Enno Borchers was partner in management consultancy Detecon International, focusing on IoT, AI, data economy and wholistic digital transformation. Previously, he worked in several positions in the Deutsche Telekom Group and various telecommunications equipment suppliers. He holds a Dipl.-Ing. in Electrical Engineering.

About P-ton AG

P-ton is a company builder that focuses on the digital transformation of social activities. Our goal is the profitable translation of technology into society. We collaborate with inventors, entrepreneurs, venture capitals and other investors to bring promising inventions to light and to transform them into profitable businesses. As a company builder, we enable inventors and entrepreneurs along all stages of building a business. P‑ton AG plays the role of matchmaker, bringing together the start-ups with experts and investors. It also weighs in its own capabilities, supporting the start-ups in developing highly scalable digital products and services that will last in the global market.

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