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P-ton AG plans its own foundation

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The foundation

With Donate2Aid we want to give something back

We have set ourselves the task of developing new digital products and services in order to effectively implement the socialisation of digitisation. P‑ton is constantly developing new innovative companies that independently market their digital products and services nationally and globally.

We plan to transfer one percent of the revenue of each P‑ton’s venture to a foundation in order to make it available for social projects: Donate2Aid. For this purpose, up to ten social projects are put up for selection every year and each buyer of a P‑ton’s venture product or service can select up to three projects, for which this generated and then donated money is provided.

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Socialise digitalisation

Why are we investing?

The support of social projects is important to us. With the planned establishment of a foundation, we want to ensure a base for the sustainable return of generated sales and profits to society.

We have deliberately limited ourselves to a maximum of ten social projects per year. This allows us to provide sufficient funds for each individual project. As an essential distinguishing feature, we as P‑ton see that the selection of the desired funds and projects can be individually controlled by each customer and thus directly influenced.

Insides Venture

"Donate2Aid is an overarching institution in the form of a foundation. Here, each of our customers is personally able to direct individual donations for social projects. I am sure that this very ambitious and transparent concept will be a success for everyone."

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG

Do something good

Why should you invest?

By investing in one of our portfolio companies or buying one of their products, you are automatically an investor in Donate2Aid. Thank you for your contribution! In the future we look forward to further sponsors joining our planned foundation directly.


Get in touch!

We will be happy to send you all the information you need for looking deeper into this venture.

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