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Digital + Analogue = Digilogue

“Higher, faster, more digital” – the mantra of our digital world. But is digital really always better?
P-ton Home Trend Digital + Analogue = Digilogue

Digital technologies are associated with the keywords efficiency, control and analysis. Especially in the industrial environment, it is mainly about the sober optimisation of processes through digital innovations. It is striking, even in end-customer applications, that the customer experience is often not at the centre. As if the customer experience were something “old”. Analogue is fundamentally questioned, it is considered slow and inefficient. But is that really always the case? I have been asking myself this question for a long time. Because despite all the progress, we must not lose sight of people.

For me, digitalisation with vision means: on the one hand, making the analogue “old” world a bit more digital, on the other hand, accepting the digital “new” world, but also questioning it again and again. Where and how do we really need it? Too often, analogue activities from our everyday life are replaced by purely digital ones: chatbots replace human support, the smombie hangs alone in front of his smartphone, online call instead of meeting with a handshake. Real social interaction falls by the wayside.

For us at P-ton, it is very important to create positive experiences both in our internal work and for our customers. We want to bring people together with our concepts. Shared experience is our goal. These experiences should have a lasting and positive effect on our customers.

Digitalisation can only be a supporter, an enabler, the use of technology is always in the background. It is not an end in itself, we do not follow the mantra “higher, faster, more digital”. Digital innovations do not only have to accelerate, they can also decelerate.

At P-ton, we therefore focus on young start-ups that combine analogue experience with a digital world. It is close to our hearts to promote human coming together and interaction through digital possibilities. That is why our guiding principle is also: “Digilogue togetherness instead of digital isolation”. Our vision is to promote social togetherness through digitalisation.

Digilogue - The bridge between digital and analogue: P-Ton AG relies on innovative cooperation for sustainable experiences!

The start-ups we support show how well this works: Meet2Play, for example. Their hybrid board game console AVA combines a digital display with real dice and game pieces. Social interaction and haptic experience on the board plus digital animations – a real enrichment of the gaming experience. Meet2Play is an in-house creation, so the idea originated at P-ton. Or the Rodinia gastronomy concept, which uses digital technology to convey the feeling of immersion in a foreign culture.

The external start-ups in the P-ton Startup-Manufaktur also pursue this goal to a large extent. Like the concierge app, which simplifies the interaction and communication between guest, hotel and concierge and thus puts the travel experience in the foreground. Or the dating app PING, which takes users from swiping on the couch to getting to know each other in real life. And, and, and…

The products and services of our start-ups stand for lived innovation. Our ideas should be different, create something new, be something that has never existed before. And above all, they should do people good by creating analogue experiences through digital possibilities. That’s what Digilogue is!

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About the author

Jürgen Hase

Founder and CEO

“The energy we generate from working with this group of people who share the P-ton vision is amazing. And that’s how it works every single day.”

Jürgen Hase combines extensive expertise in telecommunications as well as IoT with many years of national and international professional experience.

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