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Film and series projects in which the analog life meets the digital world

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Films and series that create connecting elements between the digital and the analog, the new and the old

Create2Entertain is home to the P-ton film/series projects. 

The Create2Entertain first project is Lead2Gold, a story about two opposite personalities living in a shared apartment, struggling to make ends meet and finally cooperating on an adventure packed plan to turn a lot of lead, into a lot of gold.

In Lead2Gold, the likable and harmony seeking Halber, engaged in his analogue life of books, records and filter coffee, clashes with the fully digitally connected and hyperactive lifestyle of Digi. Based on a true story, this unlikely team learns to put their analog/digital differences aside and travels from Hanover to India and back in a journey that transforms not only them.

Our second project is about the largest disruption in recent German history, the turnaround 1989. Only we imagine it the other way round…

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Jürgen Hase


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Socialise digitalisation

Why are we investing?

We have set ourselves the goal of creating connecting elements between the digital and analog worlds, questioning things, but also breaking new ground – in this sense, promoting the socialisation of digitalisation. The film projects have the P‑ton core values implemented.

We want to continue to show that everything is possible, that we can create new things together, things that we would never have believed that we could do or qualities that we didn’t know were in us. All this with the support of a team of internal and external experts.

Insides Venture

"The Create2Entertain concept makes the impossible possible. It transcends boundaries in our society in terms of content and builds bridges between generations and even nations. It also motivates each of us, regardless of our age and culture, to discover and experience new creative spaces."

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG

Capturing the zeitgeist

Why should you invest?

Create2Entertain captures the zeitgeist. The project is supported by an enthusiastic and creative team, which will realise this project with the support of a team of experts from the industry. Join us and invest in your own movie!


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