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The digital concierge service

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Contemporary service: digital yet personal

A concierge is usually found in 5* hotels and takes care of exclusive requests of the guests. He is the key to the city and can enable individual experiences and provide efficient service through his network and local knowledge. is the first digital concierge service that travelers can reach via their smartphone. It is the guests local connection to their travel destination and always exactly where the guest is at the moment. The platform offers a pool of information about local conditions in the form of an app, and guests can speak directly with a local expert if they have specific questions. This is how the digital concierge manages to connect local providers with international audiences and create on-site experiences – the most important reason why people travel.

Key facts



Patrick Kolacki



Founder's note

"Giving every traveller easy access to local services so they can connect with local communities for support. Easy as asking a friend."

Patrick Kolacki


Socialise digitalisation

Why are we investing?

The tourism industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy worldwide. Hotels compete with each other to provide better service than competitors. Providers such as AirBnB promise their guests to “live like the locals”. At the same time, the hotel industry is severely affected by a shortage of skilled workers, and the Corona pandemic in particular has caused many workers to leave.

Entering a digital solution, is still unrivaled and offers a whole new way to deliver service through partial automation and exclusivity.

Insights Venture

" has the potential to serve other industries as well, because quality and service promises are universally applicable. That's why we see great, international potential for success. It is also another solution that enables real, analogue experiences through digitalisation."

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG

Service powered by local experts

Why should you invest?

The international hotel industry is an analog industry. However, travelers are demanding modern, digital and personalized services. The Corona pandemic has escalated this need. is the first platform where a digital concierge can be reached anytime and anywhere via his own smartphone. This allows him to provide better, scalable, yet personalized service because he is always located where the traveler needs assistance. Hotels benefit from better service, happier guests and higher revenues - travelers have accessible and personal access to the local network.

The market for the digital live concierge already exists. However, the digital solution of is unique and is groundbreaking in the tourism industry.


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