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Europas KI Lücke | P-ton AG Blog
Europes AI gap
The competition on the subject of AI puts a finger in a European wound. European DeepTech startups not only linger in the media shadow of their American competitors, but also face European challenges.
Company Builder Services
Which topics are important for young entrepreneurs and in which fields do startups need support?
Trends 2013 by Jürgen Hase | P-ton Blog
Trends 2023
From Jürgen Hase’s very personal point of view, this 5 trends of 2023 will influence us over the next few years – both privately and professionally.
An asshole-free zone | P-ton Blog
An “asshole-free zone”
We as P-ton want to be a company without assholes in our team.
A hymn to Bielefeld…
… stubborn, persistent and combative. We are East Westphalians and together we are building our own league in the start-up sector.
Anti-cyclical thought and action – recognise the opportunities!
Do we follow the masses, do we move in sync with the general expectation or do we go new, unexpected ways?
Immersive Illusion: Where Startup and History Meet
“The next big thing” is not always “new” – sometimes we just catch the right moment at the right time.
Blog post: Web 3 opportunities for P-ton Portfolio | P-ton AG blog
Web 3 Opportunities for the P-ton Portfolio
Can the Web3 create substantial value, in the economy in general and in the P-Ton portfolio?
Blog post: Father and son, building together | P-ton AG blog
Father and son, building together
Jürgen Hase on the experience of founding a start-up company together with his son Jakob.
Blog post: An attitude to life | P-ton AG blog
An attitude to life
“Life is short” is one of those typical life sayings. But what is the quintessence of it?
Blog post: about restaurateurs storytellers Rodinia | P-ton AG blog Stay2Discover
Restaurateurs must become storytellers
The gastronomic industry is hoping for a restart 2022.
Blog post: about boardgaming AVA | P-ton AG blog Meet2Play
Why playing board games is so important & how we can maintain it
Cozy Sundays together, quiet music playing in the background and playing board games with the family.
Blog post: Our strategy has proven itself | P-ton AG company builder blog
Our strategy has proven itself
How P-ton has managed to sustainably inspire many people for its ideas in a very short time.
Blog post: New web presence for P-ton | P-ton AG company builder blog
New web presence for P‑ton AG
P-ton AG has evolved in many areas in 2021. Our new website reflects this.
Blog post: Footsprints on the moon | P-ton AG company builder blog
Footprints on the moon
Innovation as a principle and the freedom to make mistakes.
Think Tank reloaded
With the launch of P-ton AG, we are getting ready to ignite the next stage.
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