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What is the best way to prepare for a job interview?

P-ton on tour

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Top tips

I am sure that the top tips are not really a surprise for anyone. They include make sure you are prepared, look presentable and have a stable internet connection. My father taught me to always wear a shirt to an interview, arrive 5 minutes early and make sure that you are washed and shaved.

When I first talked to Jürgen and Jakob, I fulfilled none of the above criteria. I was sun burnt and had a 3-week beard, I was wearing nothing but shorts, that used to be blue, I had the worst possible internet connection on my phone, and I was so late into the call, that Jürgen had already left.

Oskar Brown
But let me start from the beginning

I first came into contact with P‑ton while I was working at a Tech company in Berlin. The sales team had set up contact and slowly the company I was working for reached an agreement with P‑ton to develop some software for Meet2Play. For various reasons, this business relationship fell apart (a story for another time). When I left the above-mentioned company, I always remembered these crazy guys from Bielefeld that had grand plans to do something with a digital game socialisation.

At the same time, I was making my own grand plans. Together with my girlfriend (now Fiancé) Rosa, I had bought a small sailing boat and decided to take a 6-month sabbatical and travel with our boat from Berlin to the Mediterranean.

Hopes, dreams & plans

At some point on our journey, we started to think about what it is we want to do when we go back to Berlin. We had a lot of time to talk about everything, all our hopes, dreams, and plans. We talked about companies that I had come into contact with and what they are doing. I mentioned P‑ton and told Rosa that they are a company that does gamification of social digitalism.

I checked my phone and still had Jakob’s number saved and decided to just send him a message. Great idea, he remembered me! The only problem, he said he and Jürgen would video call me in 5 minutes.

I was not sitting at my desk – I was 3 nautical miles of the south coast of France, between Sanary-Sur-Mer and Cassis. I was not shaved and washed – months of saltwater makes your hair and skin go a little bit funny. I did not have a stable internet connection – I tried everything, including holding the phone in one hand and with the other holding on to the backstays, turning myself into a giant antenna.

Meet the team: Oskar Brown - Innovation | P-ton AG digital transformation
About the author

Oskar Brown

Innovation & HR

Jakob and Jürgen were very kind, telling me about P‑ton and all the progress they had made in the past months. They were interested in our sailing journey and politely avoided asking why I was topless for an interview.

But worst of all, I was not prepared. My opening question to my future colleagues: “So how exactly does P‑ton use digital gaming to promote socialism?”

And what’s up today?

My life is no longer “at sea” and we have both adapted well to living on dry land again. We learned how to live with far less than one thinks one needs, but even though I have fewer shirts now, I do enjoy them being clean and washed in fresh water.

It has been a busy time since I started at P‑ton. Believe it or not, it has already been six months and I enjoy every moment of working with all my colleagues. In the past week, the new process of Ideate2Innovate launched and should be in your inbox. This project and supporting all our founders wherever I can has been the greatest focus of my time.

Sailing April

One day Rosa and I had spontaneously bought a scratch and win ticket at a little shop and spent the whole way home talking about what we would do if we won the grand prize of 100.000 €. We talked about how we both had the dream of having a boat, going sailing and spending some time exploring. We did not win the grand prize, but we decided that we wanted to make this dream reality. If you are interested in reading about how we bought a boat, fixed it up and then took the canal waterways from Berlin into the Mediterranean, then Rosa documented the whole journey in a blog.