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Art for everyone and in every imaginable place

Art2Stay uses the patented digital tile technology from P‑ton start-up Meet2Play to create a state-of-the-art flexible picture frame. This enables art for everyone and in any conceivable location.

The challenge: The art market is a closed and exclusive community. Current digitised projects do not work because they are too expensive for the target group, or they do not offer a device to show their art.

Art2Stay enables flexible, real-time customisation of artwork formats, adapted to each individual use. Users can get comfortable access to curated art, get connected to the art community and discover the convenience of a subscription service to an abundant library of artworks. It’s about the flexible enjoyment of state-of-the-art artworks – Whenever. Whatever. Wherever.

It also enables artists to provide their own art directly to the world and waiting for the reactions of the art lovers’ community.

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Jürgen Hase


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Socialise digitalisation

Why are we investing?

Art2Stay is a logical further development based on our patented display technology. It allows anyone to create a highly flexible display in any possible space. which allows a highly flexible interior design. Art2Stay fulfills the goal of experiencing technology by making it approachable and usable. It’s an exciting undertaking, which fully contributes to the overall concept of P‑ton, the socialisation of digitalisation.

Insides Venture

"I am thrilled with the concept of situational curated art. In my corner office, for example, I can display a sunrise in the morning, inspiring images for my team meeting and a sunset as I am getting ready to end the day."

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG

Global market of the future

Why should you invest?

Art2Stay is a great example of the P‑ton crosspollination between ideas. We are making use of an emerging technology to refine an existing market and expand into limitless art enjoyment for everyone. The innovation of Art2Stay addresses a global market of the future.


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