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Company building is our passion

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Enthusiastically engaged in company building

Our eco-system makes the difference

P‑ton is a company builder whose mission is to promote interpersonal interaction through digital opportunities. To this end, we support startups in turning their business ideas on this topic into successful companies. And this is a team sport: Our success is based on the eco-system of young professionals, seasoned leaders and external domain experts. The “P‑toneers” share the vision of bringing people together through digital innovation. This mix of people is a creative powerhouse, providing benefits to both founders and investors.

Young and hungry

We're creative, open, digitally savvy and we can't wait to make our ideas happen in real life

Senior Expertise

We're experienced, seasoned and we know all the right people to bring businesses to life

Domain Experts

We know everything there is to know about our playing fields and we love to share that knowledge
“The energy we create from working with this set of people that share the P‑ton vision is amazing. And this is how it works every single day.”
Let’s talk!
“The energy we create from working with this set of people that share the P‑ton vision is amazing. And this is how it works every single day.”
Let’s talk!
Founder and chairman of the management board

Jürgen Hase

Jürgen Hase serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board at P‑ton. He has extensive expertise in the field of telecommunications and the Internet of Things and many years of national and international professional experience.

Jürgen is P‑ton’s initiator and mastermind. He’s a passionate founder and international networker who loves to work in a team – the more diverse, the better. His willingness to learn new things, perseverance in implementing new ideas and his high level of creativity have made him a lifelong entrepreneur. Jürgen is acting out of conviction and crisis is also an option for him: This allows him the freedom of mind for disruptive thinking.

A father of four grown-ups – some of them working in P‑ton – he’s prone to healthy self-assessment and a high capacity for empathy. Sustainable action is important to him, which is also – together with innovation - one of the core values of P‑ton. Discuss with him new ideas, and you can see that sparkle in his eyes and talk for hours!

meet the team

The P-ton enthusiasts

Thomas Schramm

Founder P-ton AG

Jürgen Vedder

Co-Founder P-ton AG & Finance

Dr. Robert Hackl

Advisory Board Member

Sandi Nemet

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Sonja Sulzmaier

Advisory Board Member

Raghuram Madabushi

Advisory Board Member

Jakob Hase

Co-Founder P-ton AG & Streamleader Meet2Play

Susanne Ette

Co-Founder P-ton AG

Bruno Ette

Co-Founder P-ton AG & Streamleader Stay2Discover

Sarah Dieckbreder-Vedder

Co-Founder P-ton AG & Streamleader Donate2Aid

Lennart Fieguth

Co-Founder P-ton AG

Torben Stallmann

Co-Founder P-ton AG & Streamleader Stay2Discover

Thomas Donle

Co-Founder P-ton AG

Ingo Brettel

Co-Founder P-ton AG & Streamleader Meet2Play

Jörg Koch-Losekamm

Streamleader Press2Get

Hussein Sayed

Strategy & Planning

Marion Baumann


Laura J. Lederer

Co-Founder P-ton AG

Enno Borchers

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Thomas Hornung

Technology & SCM

Birte Fichter

Project manager

Patrick Kolacki


Moritz Schleich

Head of Business, Growth & Start-up Consulting

Fabian Eggers

Marketing Manager

Stephan Keuneke

Director Business Development

Christof Barklage

Advisory Board Member

Vaishali Singh

Director International Business Development and Strategy
Digitalisation promotes ineraction

The P-ton value proposition

In a world of continuing digitalisation, the demand for sustainable economies and pro-social behavior is getting ever stronger. Digitalisation should respect these global trends, supporting healthy interaction and functioning sustainably. P‑ton pools expert knowledge and creativity in order to provide the infrastructure and funding to build products and experiences that reflect this zeitgeist.

Corporate Culture

Proactivley shaped: Our culture

We create businesses that are sustainable in every way. It’s all about long-term thinking: digital innovation must be deployable in the long run. This is the base for profitable growth.

Strive for economic viability

Our goal is the long-term profitability of our ventures and the P‑ton as a whole, achieved through innovation and the will to take risks.

Emphasise agile working

A "can do" attitude and flexibility embedded in our organisational structure makes us agile.

Nurture a dynamic community

We offer opportunities for personal development, a flat organisation and the will to create success together.

Like our culture?

Reach out at contact@p‑
The P-ton Foundation

We support social projects

We are engaged in digital products and services that promote social interaction. It's our intention to support social projects with our work, too. For this purpose, we are launching a foundation: Donate2Aid.

Foundation Donate2Aid

We plan to transfer one percent of the revenue of each P‑ton’s venture to the foundation.

Social projects

The Donate2Aid foundation passes on the amounts to social projects. For this purpose, up to ten social actions are put up for selection every year.

Smooth process

Each buyer of a P‑ton venture product or service can select up to three projects for which this generated money will be donated.
Stiftung/Fountation: Donate2Aid
Coming together and working for a common goal

Members all over
the world

The P‑ton members are a group of globally acting enthusiasts. Our goal is to make digital transformation for social interaction a reality. For this goal, we work with almost 140 members in 11 countries, shaping P‑ton and its ventures. The members work on a micro-share basis. They spend their free time because they believe in the concept of company building with P‑ton and its ventures.

company builder

Our international
P-ton team

Awareness, struggle & support

Awareness Program

With our Awareness Program, we are addressing employees, among others, to foster awareness of and protection against sexualised violence, boundary-violating behavior, and discrimination of any form.


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