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Promoting digital transformation, interaction and pro-social behaviour

A Company builder with a purpose


Being innovative and creative in the network, in the start-up ecosystem and with our own ideas



Creating an environment in which start-ups can be entrepreneurially successful



Is the key to innovation and the future and takes responsibility for society

Digitalisation promotes social interaction

Bringing society together through digitalisation is the mission we burn for and the common core of the start-ups we support.

The start-ups in our portfolio have made it their mission to promote interaction and human coming together through digital opportunities. We work with inventors, founders and investors to bring to light inventions that bridge the analogue experience and the digital world. The future is digilogue!

who we are

We build companies

P-ton is a company builder. We found start-ups and support them on their way to becoming a profitable company. In doing so, we take an active role in the development and scaling of the young companies.

P-ton takes on the role of matchmaker with its large network of experts and investors. We also contribute our own expertise. In this way, the start-ups can transform their ideas into an independent company – one that brings real benefits to our society and can also survive on the global market. For digital-analogue, “digilogue” togetherness instead of digital isolation.


Innovation is key

We love to create unique analogue experiences through digital innovation. In a uniquely philanthropic and technology-loving environment,, 140 members from diverse cultures and different disciplines generate recurring fireworks of creativity where innovation comes alive.

Digitalisation promotes ineraction

The P-ton value proposition

In a world of continuing digitalisation, the demand for sustainable economies and pro-social behavior is getting ever stronger. Digitalisation should respect these global trends, supporting healthy interaction and functioning sustainably. P‑ton pools expert knowledge and creativity in order to provide the infrastructure and funding to build products and experiences that reflect this zeitgeist.

What We Do

P-ton is a company builder
who ensures the profitable
translation of technology
into society.

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG

What We Do

P-ton is a
company builder who
ensures the profitable
translation of technology
into society.

Jürgen Hase

CEO P-ton AG


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An international community

Our base is Bielefeld but our team is global

Fully dedicated P‑ton members work on a micro-share basis for P‑ton and its ventures.
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